For those wondering what is being built at the entrance of Dowell Road, it is a Hilton hotel. We can only hope it has a great restaurant and bar also.


Trash collection days have been changed from Tues/Fri to Mon/Fri to better accommodate unit owners who only visit on weekends. Those owners leaving trash out Sunday night should use doubled-up extra-strength bags and secure them well to keep animals and birds from tearing them open looking for food.


252 new lots have been approved for Dowell Road to be named The Harbours!

Read the May article in the Calvert paper here: Article Part 1 Article Part 2

Some of the homes approved above will be exempt from the 100 Critical Area rules. Here is a plat showing the Solomons Township and the 100 Critical Area Buffer Zone exemptions for areas with commercial docks. Areas exempt are indicated by heavy black lines: Solomons_CA_Buffer


A Marine Surveyor has completed a survey of the docks and pilings in the Marina. And has submitted his findings and report to the board. This report will be shared with the community at the annual board meeting. Charlie and I met with Lennar on July 6th and information gathered for that report allowed us to bring many things needing correcting to their attention. Lennar is reviewing the material and will get back to us with their decision on what they will cover as far as cost.


An underwater obstruction in the form of a pipe between Docks A &B has been removed. This work was successfully completed July 17th in the AM.  The pipe turned out to be metal, over 60 feet long and in two pieces connected together by a flange joint.  It was approximately 15 inches in diameter and was rusted badly near to shore but was intact as it passed by slips B5, 7 and 9.  The danger is behind us so you can return your boats to their slips.  The bill for removal will be forwarded to COMANCO, destined for Lennar for payment.

IMPORTANT: Recycling Calendar for 2014. Click here.


Exterior Light Replacement: Click here if you are looking for a replacement light fixture for either the front or rear of your unit. This replacement was recommended by Lennar to be comparable to your original one. This info is also on the FAQ page.


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Read this letter for 2013 news from the Board.


Read here about 2013 Deck and Garden Policy.


Read here about 2013 use of the Calvert Marina Swimming Pool.


Read here about 2013 Spring Inspection of our neighborhood.



In the interest of saving money on the cost of copies and postage, the Board of Directors would like to begin sending notices to owners via email. This would include, but not limited to such notices as the annual meeting, proposed budget and meeting notice, etc.


If you would like to have notices sent to you via email please fill out and sign the form. The authorization form may be returned to Cbay Management via fax; ###-###-#### or email;



Use this link, Dowell, to review the Dowell Road Widening Project.



Use the Flood Plain Maps link to review the county flood maps.

Note 1...look at Map 51 to see the area our homes fall within.


Note 2...FEMA's Letter of Map Amendment re-designates Building 3 as "X (unshaded)," thereby removing our 7 Foxhall units from the Special Floodplain Hazard Area. In fact, the "X (unshaded)" determination means that FEMA has also recognized that the "500 year floodplain" does not affect Building 3, as shown on the existing Floodplain Insurance Rate Map.


By following the FEMA application process closely, the BOD completed the application for only a $300 cost to the community, As a result, we are not required to maintain flood insurance on the building (though lenders may still insist that their individual unit owners have insurance.).


The governing elevation of the building is 11 ft, as compared to a Base Flood Elevation of 5.3 ft, so we have a substantial cushion against potential flood levels. Note, though, that FEMA indicates the area will receive further study to update maps (apparently since they now know that their data is inaccurate.)




The Harbours at Solomons:

Click here to preview the 252 home development across the street from us.





Message from Richard Swab about his Sailing Adventure

I am on the ICHOR (Coal) boat with Darren Ladd as my Skipper. ICHOR is a South African energy company sponsoring the boat for the race. The race begins on 30 Aug out of London’s St Katherine’s Docks. I have attached the current race schedule in case you wanted to know where in the world is Schwab now. The TBC in Leg 5 on the list is now DaNang Vietnam. The TBC in Leg 8 is still unknown at this time (hoping for Norway).

I depart on Sunday 9 Aug to southern UK to prep our boat for the race. On 18 Aug we will move ICHOR, along with the other 11 boats, to London for the final 10 day prep. The race tracker at the above website will begin on 30 Aug.

I wanted to thank you all for the support on the board and for my adventurous effort about to begin. This email will be used when I arrive in the various ports and I hook up to wifi.

Richard Schwab’s Sailing Adventure Schedule

Website for race:
Rick’s Email:

Windward Harbour at Solomons

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